Suiwa (Xiamen) adheres to its excellent quality and reasonable pricing
strategy in China, focuses on core FPC business, and serves customers in
China and all over the world.
    Suiwa has well-developed water treatment facilities, and our products
comply with IPC, UL and RoHS Directive. We also possess the quality
management system of ISO9001 & ISO14001 &   ISO13485 & IATF16949
which certified by BV.
    Suiwa can produce high-end flexible circuit boards with advanced
equipment and technology. We can provide one-stop technical support
and services from small volume prototype fabrications for RD,
design reviewing up to massive volume production.
    Suiwa has won numerous business partners all over the world by
striving excellences in business concept, including multinational
corporations from digital cameras,mobile communications,
lithium batteries, monitors,laptops, smart cards and other related
industrial products. We shall work closely with you to meet your
design requirements and provide flexible circuit board solutions.

Corporate Profile
2022,Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Fujian
2022-2023,Growth SMEs in Xiamen
2021, being recognized China acknowledges the high-quality
         development of over 1,000 state-level technologically
         advanced “little giant” enterprises.
2020, being awarded with the title of "Xiamen’s Small Giant
         Hitech Company of 2020". 2020, even if under pandemic menace, we marked the highest
         sales revenue,soaring at 1.5 times compared with the
         preceding year. Simultaneously we were awarded by
         China’s State Council as "A crucial and protected
         medical equipment company" in the second batch name list. 2019, being recognized as a "National hitech Enterprise" and
         being enlisted as Xiamen’s "High-growth, high added value,
         high technology" enterprise.
2019, more than 10 millions RMB were injected to upgrade the
         fine pitch circuits formation, renovated floors for cleaner room
         status, purchased LDIs and fine-line Japanese made etching machine.
2019, being awarded as one of the "Top five suppliers of Panasonic". 2017, became the major FPC supplier of the largest infotainment
         system maker in China.
2017, the champion of the top five suppliers of the year of Panasonic
         AVC Division. 2015, QDOS invested heavily into semiconductor substrate, MIS (modular
         interconnect substrate), it could be widely used in mobile phones,
         medical treatment etc.
2015, automotive market FPC applications were increased significantly,
         especially for lighting, vehicle navigation and vehicle
         information display.
2014, invested into sandblasting line to optimize copper surface quality,
        got ready to enter into FPC gold wire bonding field.
2014, heavy investment into the industry's most cutting-edge, full
         automation, contactless UV exposure machine made in Japan,
         with accurate through hole alignment tolerance and ultra-fine
         line forming ability.
2014, equipped with UV laser for outline cutting and micro vias drilling in
         addition to Hitachi CO2 laser for blind vias.

2014, automatic lamination of roll to roll PI film and roll to
          roll PSA were added.
2013, with vertical integration strategy, the company
          acquired "Sunshine Power Company", an in-house
          SMT assembler subcontractor, and invested a new
          SMT line to expand the surface mounting capacity.
2013, the R&D building was capped at the end of the year,
          became a landmark building in Xiamen.
2012, became the macapacitive touch FPC supplier of
          Biel crystal, SLCD,LENS Technology.
2011, our FPC had been qualified and used by many
          Japanese digital camera brands.
2011, upgraded equipment with the most advanced copper
          plating VCP (Vertical Continuous Plating).
          Simultaneously,added some other machine like
          chemical cleaning,scrubbing,micro etching,
          flying probes, AOI etc.
2011, won "2011 the best quality award" of the largest
          domestic medical devices company.
2010, certified TS16949 Quality management system,
          heading to the auto market segment.
2010, after seven years of excellent supplier’s performance,
          Suiwa became a strategic partner of GE Healthcare.
2010, became a global FPC qualified supplier of Jabil.
2009, started implementation of TS16949 quality
          management system.
2006, started the third class of IPC6013 for medical
2006, obtained the world-class SGS Yarsley
          ISO9001 & ISO14001 certifications.
2005, Suiwa started production.
2000, due to rapid development, QDOS decided to purchase
          an industrial land in Xiamen.
1999, supported Motorola's FPC demand and established
          QDOS (XM) Co., Ltd.
1994, QDOS began mass production.
1993, established QDOS Flexcircuits in Malaysia.
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