2010 Supplying TP flex to mobile phone maker.

2010 Achieved total sales revenue of USD28.6 millions

2010 Passed Panasonic AV's stringent auditing after         years of continuous improvement activities

2011 The best quality award winner by Mindray
        (The biggest medical equipment maker in China)

2011 Invested heavily to upgrade facilities such as VCP,         wet process machines, flying probes, AOI &etc.

2011 Implementing ERP system

2012 Adjusted marketing strategy and penetrated into         China's fledgling smart phone touch panel ndustry,         the final users including

2012 Supplying complicated four-layered FPC for OGA         touch panel to Toshiba's ultra-book project         (Notebook)

2012 Became the major touch panel FPC vendor to Biel         Crystal, SLCD, LENS and Laibao.

2012 Completed R&D building main construction,         appealing as a new landmark in Xiamen

2013 Marked >RMB249 millions sales revenue

2013 Invested into black hole to upgrade our plating         through holes PTH capabilities

2013 Improved lamination technology by adding vacuum         quick press

2013 To upgrade our circuit formation capability with         half-etching line

2013 Setup the cutting edge automatic stiffener bonding         machine to reduce labor workload and cost.

2013 Vertically integrated in-house SMT company         Sunshine Power into our business scope to         enhance our overall FPCA competitiveness. Adding         new SMT lines to double fold the SMT assembly         capacity.





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