Various adhesive systems available for copper foil lamination to based material; coverlay lamination; stiffener lamination and heat sink lamination depending on heat resistance, flexural endurance, bonding strength and etc. PSA (Double sided tape) can be attached to flex with liner, remove the liner only upon installation to casing or other flex assembly.

       The use of a pressure sensitive adhesive is often worth consideration if product cost is an important factor and where the performance requirements permit.


Material Name Application Features
Acrylic (Thermal set) Suitable for SMT, reflow and greater bonding strength required areas, also used for multi-layer flex lamination. Resist high temperature, high adhesiveness, heat lamination required
PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) General application such as stiffener attachment. Low heat resistance, no heat lamination required, more cost effective
PSA (resist heat) To replace Acrylic for better process control PSA with better heat resistance


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